Why Should You List Your Home Early in 2017?

When do you need to list your home in order to take advantage of the 2017 spring real estate market? The sooner, the better!

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Why should you list your home early in 2017? 

Think of it this way: Black Friday has been starting earlier and earlier. Some stores are open on Thanksgiving, and some run Black Friday specials for an entire week. 

The same principle applies to our spring market. That old established deadline of May 1st has been creeping up and up until now; if you want to take advantage of the spring market, you have to get ready to list in January. 

The traditional mindset for the spring market was that you would list your home in the spring because that’s when the most buyers are looking. Now people are listing their homes earlier and earlier because there is still a lot of buyer demand during the first few months of the year as well. If you wait until May 1st, you will miss out on this great foot traffic. 

Let’s quickly revisit that Black Friday shopping concept. The stores that open up earlier do get more of the sales than stores that open later. Again, the same principle applies to the housing market. Many sellers choose to put their homes on the market early because buyer traffic is still strong and they can sell their homes faster and for more money. 

Buyer demand for your house has not significantly decreased throughout the holidays. Fewer homes are coming on the market right now, which means that you have a small window to take advantage of that strong demand before a ton of inventory floods the market. Less competition and high demand means that you can sell your home faster and for a higher price. 

As we mentioned last time, interest rates are going to climb. The earlier you get your home on the market, the earlier you can make your next purchase, and the lower your interest rate will be. The threat of rising interest rates will cause a lot of buyers to make a decision sooner than they usually would. 

The sooner you list your home, the better your sale will be.

Ultimately, our advice is to get your home on the market now. There is a lot of demand out there, which is quite an advantage for you. The new mantra for the spring market is, “The sooner you list your home, the better.” 

If you have any questions about selling your home or preparing it for the market, just give us a call. We would be happy to help you!